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Fun game to play when there's nothing on the radar:  Select the Satellite map and choose the N0R (124 nm) radar mode, one frame of animation. Now go browsing and zoom way in on the blue dot to find the radar site! The blue dot will not be exactly on the site, but it's usually far enough to throw a baseball and hit the tower if you have a good arm!
(note: you don't have to select the radar).
WxRadMap is NexRad Doppler Radar for the iPhone and iPod Touch. WxRadMap is an indispensable tool for anyone who travels (bicycle, motorcycle, car, boat, or plane) or participates in any type of outdoor activity (work-related or recreational). WxRadMap, on the iPhone or iPod Touch, provides this information in a convenient package, anywhere you have network access (Edge, 3G, or WiFi).

Important Note: Sept 29, 2011

Version 1.3.3 of the iPad version has a bug that causes it to crash when warning polygons are enabled. After crashing, it will not load if warning polygons are present.

As a temporary fix:

Uninstall, then re-install and do NOT enable warning overlays.

I apologize for this inconvenience and I am working on a fix and hope to submit it to the app store in a few days.

What's Coming in the Next Version?

I'm currently working on a Universal binary  that will run on all iOS platforms including taking advantage of the new iPhone 5 display.
Features (Version 1.2)
  • National radar mosaic view
  • 155 Doppler Radars from the National Weather Service
  • Includes radars from the Continental United States and Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico
  • Pan and zoom down to the street level.
  • Up to 12 frames of animated radar (approx 1 hour)
  • Choose from 7 radar modes
  • Adjust radar transparency in real-time as you're viewing it
  • Adjust map brightness in real-time as you're viewing it
  • Show your own location using the iPhone's Location Services
  • Automatically center on your on location as you travel or center on the current radar.
  • Choose from 3 types of Google map views: Map, Satellite, Hybrid
  • Ground clutter reduction option
  • Automatic refresh option
If you have suggestions
wish to report software problems,
please email:


I love to hear from you and will try to answer all emails!

WxRadMap is a custom-developed iPhone application that is available in the Apple's online AppStore. It takes advantage of the new Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) that became available in iPhone OS 3.0. The Google Maps API allows developers to take advantage of the fantastic maps that Google offers while overlaying radar imagery provided by the Nationial Weather Service.

Shop and compare.

The images to right show screenshots from WxRadMap and another very nice radar app from the App Store. The shots are of the same storm, although WxRadMap is zoomed in a little closer... the app on the right is zoomed in as far as it allows.

Now lets try to answer some typical weather questions:

1. Is it raining at the Mobile Downtown Airport?
2. Will I encounter heavy rain when heading north on I-65 and I-165?

WxRadMap11 Ten dollar radar app

WxRadMap 1.1 - $1.99 USD
Another leading iPhone radar app -  $9.99 USD

Check out the latest video of WxRadMap in action. The video shows the progress of the latest version that is yet to be released in the App store. It offers improvements to version 1.0 by adding Clutter Redcution, which gets rid of the blue shades of ground clutter in most of the images below. Additionally the user interface is being improved... even more than the video shows.  

(Version 1.2 video coming soon!)

The image to the right shows a screenshot of a new feature coming to verson 1.2 (now available).

When the "National Map" button is pressed, it will download and display the latest National Mosaic of all the Doppler Radars in the continental USA (the individual radar icons are hidden in this mode). You can zoom in to an area of interest, then toggle back into the Radar Browsing mode and pick a radar to view the detailed animated radar for that region.

Screen Shots of Version 1.1
V11 V11 V11
Version 1.1 features an improved user interface and adds ground clutter reduction.

Screen Shots of Version 1.0

ss1 ss2 ss3

ss4 ss5 ss6

ss7 ss8 ss9

ss10 ss11 ss12

ss13 ss14 ss15

ss16 ss17 ss18